Low Pressure Selling Policy

Surecall recruitment does not condone the use of unethical and unsophisticated selling techniques (also known as 'hard selling') when conducting business with existing and potential clients. Surecall employees are not allowed to exert relentless and persistent pressure upon the customer or use inducements and psychological pressure to gain a fast sale.
All customer facing employees are regularly reminded to consider the following when engaged in sales activity on behalf of Surecall.

1 – Focus on client relationship building.

If you don’t forge a relationship with your client, you’re going to have a much harder time trying to sell to them. Set up common ground and make sure your client feels comfortable with you before your push any major sales.

2 – Build Value

Value must be built before you ask the client for sales. You need to create or identify a need and desire for your product or service before engaging in any sales negotiations with the client. For Surecall this may include identifying a need for more staff for a client ahead of a busy period or offering to place a member of staff on site to help a client with planning. Once you establish such a need you then go into the discussion regarding price.

3 – Need vs. Want

Always establish very clearly to your client why they need the product or service you have to offer. Explore these needs and wants with your client so you can take direction straight from the client.

4 – Options Are King

A tried-and-true method for any salesperson is to present multiple options to the customer. Presenting just one option will make your client feel trapped and will make them more likely to go to another service company for the dreaded “second opinion. “As a general rule of thumb, customers are looking for either the highest or the lowest value, or they’re seeking out the option in the middle. Unless you’re 100% perfect at predicting your client’s buying behaviour, it’s recommended that you present them with multiple options.

5 – Confidence

If you think the price of your product or service is more than fair, so will the client. Do not allow yourself to get into any unnecessary discounting activity.

6 – Stop Talking and Listen

This is all about applied heat. Once you ask for the order, stop speaking! If you continue to talk, you will apply unnecessary heat to the sale. This will increase pressure. Let the client vent or work through the situation you’ve presented to them.

Relax. If your relationship is strong, all those statements can be simple pressure vents. No big deal. Stay quiet. Don’t speak until they ask you a direct question. Then you know it’s time to talk.

Reporting “hard selling” techniques to Surecall Management

If you believe that you are being pressured in to applying “hard selling” techniques by your line manager do not hesitate to contact the Managing Director of Surecall or a senior member of the management team on 020 8441 3323.

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