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Since 2008 we have specialised in supplying both temporary and permanent staffing solutions for many industry clients across several sectors.

If you’re looking for experienced people within your sector, you’ve come to the right place.

Our sectors include:

NHS (Non-Clinical)

Central and Local Government

Schools and Colleges

Transport & Logistics


NHS Trust & Public SecTor Departments

If you are an NHS Trust or Public Sector Department and need non-clinical staffing services, do not hesitate to call a member of our Framework Management team, who will be able to advise you on all the services we have to offer and listen to your requirements.

The types of services we offer include:

Permanent – Hiring the right person can be challenging, but we will find the right talent to help you grow your department for many years to come.

Temporary – from 5 people to 1000 plus, we will come up with a plan tailored to your requirements and budget and can be scaled up or down to suit your needs at any point.

Managed Services - we manage all parts of the flexible workforce at organisations using many contingent workers.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – From outsourcing every aspect of your recruitment process to the provision of a specific service or one-off campaign – we deliver solutions carefully tailored to meet your needs.

We look forward to developing a close and positive working relationship with you.

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Our Experienced Team

All of our consultants have been working in the Recruitment Industry since 2008. We have a very thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and have the skills and experience required to be able to select the ideal candidate for each job. We will ensure we explain precisely what is required the candidate ensuring he/she understands what is expected of him/her before arrival.

We believe that in order to meet our client’s requirements we must attract the highest calibre of candidate. To achieve this Surecall has staff in place whose primary focus is to advertise, interview and register new candidates. We also invest heavily into developing our digital marketing, CRM and resourcing capability.

Driver & Staff Training

We engage an organisation called S.E.T.S. which delivers regular training, funded by Surecall Recruitment, to both our in-house staff and agency drivers. Our driver training takes place within our training room once per quarter.

Staff training takes place every 3 months, with the objective of ensuring that all drivers employed by Surecall possess a thorough understanding of tachograph and WTD regulations. We believe both phases of this training are integral to ensuring that UK & European laws are adhered to and that the possibility of driver tachograph infringement is kept to a minimum.

Our Training Includes:

Driver hours

WTD (working time directive)

Digital tachograph use

Record retention

Chart compilation, mode switch use and rest periods

Warehouse Staff

Surecall Recruitment Services have a proven track record in supplying quality Warehouse Operatives for temporary, permanent and contract roles. We can supply professional warehouse staff with many years’ experience in logistics. We have worked with numerous blue-chip clients to supply warehouse staff, pickers & packers, loaders and forklift drivers for warehouse operations.

We aim to deliver the needs of your business any time as we operate 24/7 and with our acquired knowledge and expertise in the industry. We understand the importance of recruiting, training and maintaining the best staff and ensuring we deliver continuity within the workforce. We tailor and find adaptable solutions to your specific requirements by ensuring we clearly understand your needs.

Candidate Database & Payroll

We currently payroll 300-500 drivers per week for our clientele, and we have the financial capacity in place to increase this to up to 900 drivers per week. In addition, we have a database of several individuals that we engage on an ad hoc basis or are searching for new positions.


Surecall Recruitment has always been committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional integrity since our launch back in 2008. In line with this goal, we have made significant progress as a business with regards to compliance.

Ready to find out more?

Call us today on 020 8441 3323 for more information about the services we offer.



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