NHS Operatives

NHS Operatives

Job Summary: To prepare ambulances for operational duty to an agreed quality standard for the benefits of our patients and staff. This will include cleaning, decontaminating, stocking, vehicle road-worthiness checks and safety/functional checks of on-board equipment (medical and non-medical). To monitor the electronic equipment tracking system (RFID) to identify both the compliance of equipment on operational vehicles and any short falls of equipment/consumables. To maintain the serviceability of emergency ambulances, equipment, and consumables To act autonomously to ensure the continuation of Make Ready Services within the area of responsibility to maximise the availability of our ambulances to deliver patient care. The role will involve working a shift rota that includes night and weekends.

1. Finance:
1.1 To ensure the correct levels of stock and equipment assets are assigned to each operational vehicle
1.2 To identify shortages in stock levels and regularly place orders of medical equipment/consumables on an IT system, accepting delivery, recording, storing, monitoring, replenishing items as necessary and filing associated paperwork appropriately
1.3 To accurately record the withdrawal of stock using manual and electronic means
1.4 To undertake routine and ad-hoc stocktakes to verify the accuracy of recording systems
1.5 To identify losses of equipment and stock on returning vehicles and accurately record this onto department database
2. Communication:
2.1 Liaise with on- and off-site vehicle technicians to understand vehicle maintenance requirements and availability of vehicles currently under maintenance or repair
2.2 Contributes to effective communications with operational staff and other disciplines within the depot and its defined catchment area
2.3 To communicate accurately within the team on the status of all vehicles with the depot
3. Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management:
3.1 To safely move ambulances around the site for refuelling, maintaining levels of vehicle consumables, cleaning, parking, vehicle testing and maintenance
3.2 To use correctly and ensure the adequate availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to undertake the activities of the role. Where deficiencies exist ensures prompt reporting action to available supervisor or group lead.
3.3 To identify any hazards that present a risk to staff, patients or visitors to line manager.
3.4 Ensure appropriate steps are taken to protect the environment, the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors
3.5 To record any adverse incidents or near misses to line manager and accurately record on the Trust’s Datix incident management system.
4. Service Delivery and Improvement:
4.1 To prepare ambulances to the agreed standard ready for operational duty. This will include as a minimum:
o The cleaning of the inside of the ambulance including all surfaces and equipment to an agreed Infection Prevention and Control Standard
o The decontamination of the inside of the ambulance including all surfaces and equipment to an agreed Infection Prevention and Control Standard.

The cleaning of the external ambulance
o The function and assurance checks on complex medical devices and other medical and non-medical equipment in accordance with the Trust’s medical devices Policy
o The checking of stock levels of equipment and clinical and non-clinical consumables
o The correct loading of response bags, modules and specialist trauma kits with particular attention to ensure all items are within their use by/service dates in accordance with agreed clinically and operationally approved policies
To check the operation of the vehicle and ensure defects are remedied
o To check the consumable levels of the vehicle including fuel, AdBlue, screen washer and any others as required
4.2 Plan and prepares ambulances to meet strict time deadlines and any other operational requirements
4.3 If required, working at remote and satellite sites to include local hospitals
4.4 Performs cleaning, disassembling, reassembling and function testing of key pieces of medical equipment adhering to the pre-planned maintenance schedule, as determined Trust’s Medical Devices Policy and directives (operational manuals)
4.5 A high level of sustained physical effort in the kitting, de-kitting, cleaning and decontamination of vehicles
4.6 To be competent in the use of specialist tools such as pressure washers, torque wrenches, steam cleaners and valeting equipment
4.7 To undertake minor vehicle repairs as and when required in accordance with agreed fleet procedures and standards.
4.8 Ability to self-manage workload and priorities without direct supervision
4.9 Identifies, plans and arranges service, MOT and scheduled maintenance of emergency ambulances through depot workshop service providers



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