Deputy Director of Operations

Deputy Director of Operations

The Deputy Director of Operations is responsible for delivering the Trust’s Strategy, within their area of responsibility, incorporating the following:
* Ensuring the standardisation of services across all relevant specialities to the best possible level, so that patients experience high quality care;
* Lead on the planning, development and delivery of services to ensure that there is a common understanding of capacity and demand with clear operational plans to deliver the best in care in the most appropriate settings;
* Planning and managing services to ensure the best possible use of resources. This will include income opportunities, reducing run-rate, delivering cost improvement programmes (CIPs) and delivering the recommendations from benchmarking tools such as Model Hospital and GIRFT;
* Leading the development of a sustainable workforce across multiple disciplines that is fit for the future within their area of responsibility;
* Working with system partners to put in place clinical pathways that care for patients in the most appropriate settings, and reducing inappropriate or avoidable demand for acute services.
* The Deputy Director of Operations will be responsible for all aspects of operational performance of the Division whilst maintaining quality standards and for ensuring the implementation and maintenance of good governance arrangements. This includes the line management of Service Unit Managers and associated teams.

* The post holder will have responsibility for ensuring that clinical service planning delivers the benefits of working as a single organisation. Through liaison with the responsibility for cross-site planning of all clinical services rests with the post holder such that there will be a single clinical service plan for each speciality covering all relevant sites.
* Lead the annual activity, capacity and demand planning process for the Division and relevant services, ensuring that forecast activity and resource requirements to deliver activity within required national and local targets are clearly identified, planned for and monitored.
* Ensure that agreed income, expenditure, cost improvement, productivity and efficiency plans are developed, authorised and delivered and where necessary undertake timely mitigating action to rectify under-performance.
* To take responsibility for ensuring that Divisional management teams have the capacity and capability to deliver their objectives through a robust means of succession planning, leadership development and effective appraisal process.
* In the event of non-delivery of quality and access standards or expectations, to put in place remedial action plans with milestones and trajectories to ensure improvement is monitored and delivered.

* Ensure capital utilisation is maximised to optimise productivity and improve patient care including effective infection control systems
* Ensure that services are reviewed against benchmark tools such as GIRFT and Model Hospital to ensure best possible use of resources whilst maintaining quality and ensuring that positive patient outcomes are maximised



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